l State Key Laboratory of Pig Genetic Improvement and Production Technology

l Institute for New Rural Development, Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Education

l Key Laboratory of Pig Biotechnology, Ministry of Agriculture

l State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Pig Improvement

l National Engineering Laboratory for Rice (Nanchang)

l Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology, Ecology and Genetics Breeding, Ministry of Education

l Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Animal Biotechnology

l Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Crop Physiology, Ecology and Genetics Breeding

l Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Postharvest Technology and Nondestructive Testing of Fruits & Vegetables

l Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Bamboo Germplasm Resources and Utilization

l Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Poyang Lake  Basin Agricultural Resources and Ecology

l Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Natural Products and Functional Food

l Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Silviculture

l Jiangxi Key laboratory for Animal Nutrition

l Jiangxi Key laboratory for Modern Agricultural Equipment

l Jiangxi Key laboratory for Diagnosis, Prevention and Control of Disease of Livestock and Poultry

l Jiangxi Research Centre for Super-rice Engineering Technology

l Jiangxi Engineering  Research Center of Nutrition and Feed Development

l Jiangxi Engineering Laboratory for Agro-processing and Safety Control

l Jiangxi Engineering Laboratory for Microbial Resource Development and Utilization

l Jiangxi Key Research Base of Soft Science for the Innovation & Development of Jiangxi Agricultural Science

l Jiangxi Key Research Base of Philosophy & Social Science for Jiangxi Rural Development

l Jiangxi Key Research Base of Culture & Art for Jiangxi Rural Culture


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